Natural & Traditional Paints

Preference for working in the older property as these are ideally suited to the natural finishes of traditional paints

  • Conversant with Linseed paint
  • Lime paint
  • Clay paint
  • Other natural paints including Casein, soya and chalk
  • The need to maintain breathability of substrates
  • Compatibility of materials
  • Safe paint removal using infa red speed heater
  • Hand painted furniture and kitchens service
  • Approved lincrusta installer 2004
  • Approved advanced lincrusta installer 2012


Linseed Paints

Apart from being pleasant to work with I find the advantages outweigh the disadvantage of the extended drying time.

  • Natural Intensity and depth of colour
  • Excellent Adhesion
  • Proven through use through generations
  • Durability
  • The fact that extensive preparation is only an initially requirement. Future repaints only require a wash, light abrasion and fresh coat or the oiling of existing coats.
  • Excellent opacity
  • Breathable
  • Paint system structured on renewable resources

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