Domestic Services

Hand-painted kitchens

Current images featured on the web page are new kitchens built by ‘Paul Barrow handmade kitchens’ which we have painted.

These are workshop spray primed prior to delivery and site installation before we arrive to proceed with the painting. Being painted after installation reduces any risk of damage to the finish and eliminates surface contamination from dust created during installation.

In hand-painted kitchens all our work is carried out by brush application, not by roller.  This gives the client that traditional brush finish which contributes to its uniqueness, and character. A hand-painted kitchen is a high-end product; when finished in aesthetic period colours they give the sense of belonging and  individuality to that property.

All units are finished with a minimum of three coats of oil-based eggshell as specified by the kitchen fitter, unless water-based finishes are requested by the client.

As with all our work all surfaces are prepared and de-nibbed and gone over with a tack rag between coats to give a professional finish which includes the inside of cupboard doors to be painted as standard.

Being an independent decorator there are no ties to one particular manufacturer, thus providing availability for future enquiries. Consideration will be given to the type of paint/finish the client requires, particularly a natural finish.


Painted furniture

As with kitchens, any furniture we are requested to paint— either built in situ or freestanding— receives the same care and attention. They are prepared, suitably primed (whether new or re-paints) and three coats applied.

When it comes to the painting of the inside of cupboards, this is dependent upon their construction, but normally they require priming and painting.


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